This class is taught with an easeful and nurturing approach. the class consists of breath work, yoga poses, stretching, and simple guided meditations. Students leave with a feeling of accomplishment, contentment, and support. Open to all levels.



Hatha is a strong and supportive practice that works through the whole body, cleansing and balancing right and left sides. Yogi Ashokananda’s Himalayan Hatha is based on the traditional principles of the ancient yoga practice, emphasizing alignment, mindfulness, and the breath through longer holds, special sequencing, and individual attention, allowing you to develop your practice at your own pace. A typical Himalayan Hatha Yoga class includes ample warm-up, strengthening sun salutations, a specially curated sequence of postures with breath work interwoven, and a rejuvenating relaxation. Open to all levels.



This powerful healing practice involves a sequence of postures linking breath and movement. This Ashtanga class is an invigorating flow that combines relaxation, meditation, strength and flexibility. It will help to develop a sense of well being, increased awareness of the body and allow you to feel grounded in your life.



Salute to the Sun in Sun Salutations for a mid-afternoon flow, accompanied with a pranayama meditation to start, re-centering and finding your grounding. Practice incorporating a sequence of gracefully linked Sun Salutation Asanas,-from Namaskar A, B, in addition to-Classical. Salutations are slower moving and offer a less vigorous flow between poses, but an equal challenge of endurance, flexibility, balance & strength. Concluding with a restorative relaxing meditation. This class is open Level. From beginner to intermediate to advanced practitioner; no experience of yoga or meditation is necessary.



Prana Kriya is a dynamic practice that works to harmonize the physical movements (kriyas) with the energy flows in the different layers of the body. A process of awakening dormant energy (kundalini) in the body, Prana Kriya Yoga has long been regarded by yoga masters in India as a powerful anti-aging technique that works to oxygenate and decarbonize the blood, thereby rejuvenating the brain and spinal centers and preventing tissue decay. The kriya practices involve active exercises to strengthen the heart; breath work to expand the lungs and train the mind; and meditations to align the body, mind, breath, and consciousness. The result over time is a calmer and clearer mind, deeper and more even breath, a stronger and more detoxified body, and a more balanced emotional body, leading to a greater sense of confidence and creativity in one’s life. Open to all levels.


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance, acrobatics, and music. The movements taught in Capoeira class develop cardio; strength; agility; flexibility; and rhythm. You will also develop a beginning Portuguese vocabulary by learning the movements and the music of Capoeira, as well as the origins and history of the art form. Capoeira is a high-intensity practice that gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a creative and positive way!


Honor the sunrise, the new day, and ‘FRI-YAY’ with yoga! This vinyasa flow class will ignite your inner fire and offer you a mix of strength and endurance challenges. Breathwork, meditation, and abdominal work is incorporated with traditional yoga poses. Vinyasa is a one-breath-per-movement practice where students are guided through sun salutations. The class will move a bit more vigorously and is for all levels. Beginners welcome. Variations are always offered.


Before the happy hour, give your bodies a power hour! This class is taught in the Hatha style, using breath to sustain poses for a longer period of time. Moving at a slower pace, students will dig deeper into poses and celebrate inner strength. Meditation and relaxation will restore the body and send you off into your weekend calm and stress-free. Open level class and beginners welcome.


Unwind from the workday with gentle yoga and meditation. In yoga, the asanas (postures) are meant to strengthen and detoxify the body in order to maintain optimal health and to prepare for meditation.  We will begin the class with a basic hatha-based sequence to stretch and tone the body, connect with the breath, and quiet the mind. Pranayama, or breathing practices, may be included. The class will conclude with a guided meditation as we tune into our inner experience and deepen our connection with ourselves – and, ultimately, with each other.  This class is open to everyone, beginner to advanced practitioner; no experience of yoga or meditation is necessary. 


 Move through variations of Sun Salutations while we incorporate martial arts exercises, TRX suspension training, TRX Rip Trainer, light kettle bells, light dumbbells, balancing and coordination exercises. This class will improve your bodies performance for real life movements and activities. All are welcome. Open Level.